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Here are the top three articles we found interesting this week:

Front-End Performance Checklist 2019

Table of contents:

  • Getting Ready: Planning And Metrics
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Defining The Environment
  • Assets Optimizations
  • Build Optimizations
  • Delivery Optimizations
  • HTTP/2
  • Testing And Monitoring
  • Quick Wins

Monorepos: Please don’t!

“ The frank reality is that, at scale, how well an organization does with code sharing, collaboration, tight coupling, etc. is a direct result of engineering culture and leadership, and has nothing to do with whether a monorepo or a polyrepo is used.

WebAssembly Is Fast: A Real-World Benchmark of WebAssembly vs. ES6

“ Wasm is about 30% faster than asm.js / JavaScript. On desktop chrome, this is mostly true! I want to say “mostly”, as we noticed it was about 40% faster not using closure compiler. Personally, I have not seen many web apps / libraries use Closure compiler day-to-day, but running it through closure gets us to the expected 30%. Though on all other configurations, this can’t really be considered true. Mobile Chrome is about 60% faster, mobile and desktop Firefox is insanely faster by about 90%, mobile and desktop Safari is only bit faster by about 20%.”

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We are adding new libraries to JavaScripting.com every week. Here is one worth checking out:


Drooltip.js is a lightweight native-js plugin/extension that allows you to create beautiful, customizable and intelligent tooltips, capable of showing anything from simple text, loading dynamic content and loading entire HTML elements!

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