npm link, UI components with optionally controllable state and polling using RxJS
Jun 24 · 2 min read

Understanding npm-link

“I used npm link while working on dependencies of the client libraries for Google Cloud Platform. All our libraries use the module @google-cloud/common. In some cases I needed to immediately see the changes in the larger libraries instead of in isolation in common.”

Mastering the two-step process of npm link is a useful addition to the toolset of any Node.js developer. The process consists of running npm linkin the dependency, and npm link some-dep in the application.”

How to Write UI components with optionally controllable state

“A large number of UI components are a function of some state and they also provide some way(s) of changing that state. A flexible implementation of these components allows both stateful and stateless usages. In React, we can maintain local state in our components via useState hook. WithuseControllableState we can maintain a local state which is optionally controlled by props.”

Polling using RxJS

Tutorial showing polling logic using RxJS with a real world example.

We are adding new libraries to every week. Here is one worth checking out:

Resize Observer

Polyfills the ResizeObserver API.

One more thing. Check the latest article on Salsita Software blog from Matthew Gertner, who is a CEO and founder of Salsita Software.

When Developers Disagree

  • Have clear policies and coding guidelines wherever possible.
  • Treat code review comments as suggestions not orders.
  • Do pair code reviews when necessary to alleviate tension.
  • Educate developers on the importance of preserving political capital.
  • Escalate important points to the whole team.
  • Get rid of squeaky wheels.

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Top 3 articles, 1 tweet and 1 library from JavaScript world we found interesting during the week.

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Top 3 articles, 1 tweet and 1 library from JavaScript world we found interesting during the week.

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