RedisGears, Kubernetes, npm tricks and Stream Js
Jul 30 · 2 min read

Introduction to RedisGears

“At RedisConf19, we announced the release of a new module called RedisGears. You may have already seen some other modules by either Redis Labs or the community at large, but Gears will defy any expectations you have. It really pushes the limits of what is possible with modules. The only caveat is that it’s still in Preview so, while you can already try it out, you will have to wait a bit more for it to get to General Availability and become officially supported.”

Primer: How Kubernetes Came to Be, What It Is, and Why You Should Care

A non-technical high-level introduction to Kubernetes.

13 npm Tricks for Faster JavaScript Development

1. Learn the Essential Shortcuts
2. Set Default npm init Properties
3. Make Scripts Cross-Platform Compatible
4. Run Scripts in Parallel
5. Run Scripts in Different Directories
6. Delay Running Scripts Until a Port is Ready
7. List and Select Available Scripts
8. Run Pre and Post Scripts
9. Control Your App’s Version
10. Edit package.json from the Command Line
11. Set and Open Your Repository Automatically
12. Create a Custom npm init Script
13. Push Your First Commit to GitHub with a Custom npm init Script

We are adding new libraries to every week. Here is one worth checking out:


Stream-js is the official JavaScript client for Stream, a web service for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams.

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Top 3 articles, 1 tweet and 1 library from JavaScript world we found interesting during the week.

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Top 3 articles, 1 tweet and 1 library from JavaScript world we found interesting during the week.

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