Announcing the js13kGames 2018 Community Awards winners!

I’m happy to announce the results of the js13kGames 2018 Community Awards, which as usual were all about the developers voting for the games of their fellow contestants.

js13kGames 2018 Community Awards

First of all don’t worry if your game is not on the list as the system is not (yet) perfect - you were able to pick only your top 5 while we had so many more awesome entries. This probably resulted in the fact that some games which were in your top 10 out of 274 entries might have been there for the others, thus not having any points at all. Having plenty of time for the next year I will for sure work on improving this.

Here are the results:

That’s only top 10 games, you can find the full list here. The first 30 will get some cool prizes, congratulations and thanks for voting!