Disqus comments on the games pages

To make the site more interactive I’ve decided to add comments section to the games pages - I’m considering this an experiment to see how it will work out.

Disqus comments are now live

There is at-least-a-few-years-old topic of “building new backend”, but since it’s not happening this year, I decided to improve the overall experience with what I have right now. This means tinkering with the current backend, like the recent addition of the Queue status page. Small enough bits that can be easily integrated and give an extra value - next item on the list is the comments section.

I’m adding Disqus, because it seems to be the most common and popular choice right now, and it is super easy to include on the page. Of course I’m always open to discussions if you have any other ideas or better options to chose from - I’m aware of all the trade-offs of using it.

I’m going to gather feedback this time and evaluate the idea before making any decisions next year.