Extending the judging

I know you are probably waiting impatiently for the final results to be announced, but I have some news on that.

Judges have an extra week for voting.

We were overwhelmed by both the quantity and the quality of the games submitted this year. There were two weeks for judging when we started with 60 entries in 2012, kept the time frame with 120, but now with more than 250 second year in a row it gets really hard to be able to give every single entry the time it deserves. Judges need more time to play the games and give them fair scores.

That’s why I’m extending the judging time by one week. It will end on October 4th, and the winners will be announced on October 5th. This will be a permanent change from now on, and next year you will also have more time for the Community Awards voting.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!