Hello js13k world, once again!

Ok, first of all sorry for messing up with you. I launched the js13kBlog two weeks ago as a Hexo instance on my own server, and now I’m restarting everything on Medium. The js13kGames competition is evolving over the years, I’m doing lots of stuff on my own, so I can make mistakes or change my mind, but everything I do is hopefully for the better.

So, having this out of the way, welcome to the brand new js13kBlog, but this time on Medium. That Hexo build was cool and all, but it’s all about interactions, so I decided to go where the people are. And you seem to be on Medium. I’m not sure if this will work, but at least I’ll try and see what happens.

Your feedback is super valuable, after all the competition was created for YOU, so be sure to let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions on improvements etc, thanks!

About the competition itself: I wanted to have a lot of things announced days, if not weeks ago already, but, you know, stuff happen and most of it got delayed because various reasons. Anyway, I’m gonna catch up on all that and publish a few hot posts between now and the start of the competition, on August 13th.

Keep your eyes out on this place!