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js13kBreakouts and the kick-off meetup!

There are more and more links added to our Resources list, making the decision on where to start a difficult one for newcomers. That’s why we’ve decided to create the js13kBreakouts project showcasing a classic game recreated using some of the most interesting tools currently available.

You might’ve seen this approach already - a few years ago the jsBreakouts project was quite popular, and it showcased various game engines in action. With js13kBreakouts we’re bringing three libraries/engines/templates that will help you build an entry: Kontra, LittleJS, and Goodluck. Same game means you can easily compare all the tools and pick the one that suits you the most.

We’re still polishing the details, and the landing page should be up soon, but we wanted to give you a few days before the start of the competition to familiarize yourself with the project, so you can make a conscious decision on picking the right tool for the job.

Kick-off meetup with the authors

On August 13th, at 6 PM CEST (check your time zone for details), we’ll be having js13kGames 2022 kick-off meetup like in previous years, but this time the three guests will do intros to their creations:

- Steven Lambert: intro to Kontra
- Frank Force: intro to LittleJS
- Staś Małolepszy: intro to Goodluck

If you don’t know which one to chose, you should definitely attend the meetup on Saturday! Decided already, or using your own starter? Compare your approach and see if you can learn something new!

Learn more, teach more

It’s still work in progress, but we do hope that’s already enough for you to see what’s possible. As soon as the landing page will have the list of functionalities all game versions are implementing, we will open this to new game engines/libraries/templates as well.

There’s also an idea for a dedicated Learning Area where you’d find solid tutorials written by the authors themselves, so you can be sure the quality of the provided materials is the best. It might also mean going out of the js13kBreakouts limitations and doing proper, official intros to other popular tools - for making graphic assets, sounds, music, or minification.

Everything to welcome new devs as smooth as possible!



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Andrzej Mazur

Andrzej Mazur


HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher.