js13kGames 2018 has started!

The seventh edition of the yearly, month-long js13kGames competition for HTML5 game developers has started today at 13:00 CEST, and the theme for this year is: offline.

If you need inspiration, or proper tooling to do the job right, remember there’s Resources page with all the possible assets you can imagine for the competition. The theme this year is offline, and you’re free to interpret, use and abuse it however you want.

There’s a new category called WebXR, which evolved from lat year’s A-Frame - now you can use either A-Frame library itself, or Babylon.js for free (outside the 13kb zip size limit).

The list of judges is quite impressive, and they will try to give you constructive feedback on your entries - what was good and what could be improved.

As every year, there’s a whole lot of cool prizes to win, and this year top 100 entries will be awarded with unique t-shirts (and CDs), with free worldwide shipping.

We also have an impressive list of Partners: Mozilla, GitHub, Microsoft, eBay, BLUR, Spartez, Photon, Workday, Game Distribution and Jscramber. Huge kudos to them for supporting the competition!

It’s great to see how the competition is evolving, and that the mindset of some companies is different from the others - it’s not only me trying to convince them, but they are starting to approach me, offering donations, prizes, partnerships, hackathons, and it’s really a pleasure to work with them!

If you’re going to participate, be sure to share your progress using #js13k hashtag on Twitter, join Slack to discuss ideas with others. If you like the competition, please help me share the good news about it with the world - tell your community about it, post in your group, share with your work teammates, etc. Every little bit helps, thank you!