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Andrzej Mazur
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3 min readAug 13, 2021

Friday 13th? There’s no better time to start the tenth edition of the js13kGames online competition! You have a whole month to build an HTML5 game within the 13 kilobyte zip package and win some cool prizes as well.

What’s the theme? Check out the announcement video (13 seconds long!) below:

Last year’s 404 felt too hard to grasp for some folks, so this time the easy one: SPACE. Or is it? Your game might be about the outer space and stars, or maybe a physical space, or the keyboard key. Or something entirely different - it’s up to you!

Web Monetization category with cash prizes

Third year of the Web Monetization category in the competition (created with the help and support from Grant for the Web and Coil) is introducing cash prizes for top 10 entries.

New category: Decentralized

There’s a brand new category this year: Decentralized, along with the specific challenges. Keep in mind this is entirely optional, but the extra prizes should be a good enough incentive to try some cool new technologies coming to the gamedev, khem, space.

PlayCanvas and Triska

We’ve also introduced PlayCanvas as the fourth engine of choice in the WebXR category, and published the game Triska - fun little entertainment to promote the competition itself. It is made in less than 13 kilobytes!

Resources and collaboration

As always, don’t forget to check the Resources page for the tools to pick from if you don’t have anything ready yet, and join our Slack channel to discuss, exchange ideas, collaborate, and help each other making the best possible games.


As always - we have lots of them: software licenses, accounts, plans, but also physical swag, cash, and even crypto.


I can’t stress enough the importance of our partners who help us make all this happen. Those are, in no particular order: eBay, NEAR, IPFS, Grant for the Web, Facebook Gaming, GitHub, Poki, Coil, Colyseus, Flux, Filecoin, CrazyGames, GameSnacks, Appfire, SmartDust. Thank you!

Kick-off meetup

A few hours after announcing the theme we’ll have an online meetup: it starts 6 PM CEST (4 PM GMT) - join us, so we can celebrate the start of the tenth edition of the competition together!

Sharing is caring

Tweet your progress with the #js13k hashtag, stream your development, publish updates if you can - that will definitely encourage others to finish their entries as well. Good luck and have fun!



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