js13kGames 2023 has started!

Andrzej Mazur
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3 min readAug 13


It’s that time of the year again - the twelfth edition of the online js13kGames competition happening every year in August just started! Build a Web game in a month and within the 13 kilobyte zip size limitation and submit it before September 13th to win fame and fortune!

Theme announcement

This year’s theme is… 13th Century.

That’s a tough one, even more than 404, right? So, what happened in 13th century? A lot! Peak of Middle Ages, knight tournaments, crusades, Genghis Khan, Magna Carta, Marco Polo - you name it. It can even be a time-traveling or artefact-digging game if you make it right, that’s all up to you!


We have Desktop and Mobile, but it seems we didn’t come to any agreement about the Server, so we might skip it this year.

WebXR is fine, Decentralized went a bit more open going outside the tech limitations, and Web Monetization is paused. There’s always Unfinished if you end up with an incomplete entry but still want to show you worked on something.


Our awesome supporters we love so much: Poki, OP Games, Game7, GitHub, CrazyGames, Flux, Arcadia, Addicting Games, GS-JJ, Litemint, and Ei8hts.

Without them the competition wouldn’t be possible.


A long list of licenses, accounts, keys, and such, but the main thing is always the t-shirt!

Authors of top100 entries will get it for free, along with the gadgets: pins and patches.

There are also medals for top13!

Kick-off meetup

In exactly five hours from now we will be celebrating the launch of the competition during an online meetup - join us!

You’ll have a chance to discuss how difficult the theme is this year, learn some useful tips, or participate in a quiz.

Collaborate, document, share, promote

It’s all about building a game, so if you can help others - do so. They may return the favor and all will benefit from it. Join our Slack (or Gamedev.js Discord) and chat with fellow participants, suggest theme ideas, help fix bugs, or playtest their entries.

Don’t forget about Post Mortems - keep your journal and then publish a blog post afterwards about what went good and what could’ve been improved, for your sake and all the others reading it years later.

Share your progress with the #js13k hashtag! Show other folks what you’re building as they might help suggest obvious improvements that you missed. It’s better to build in the open!

Also, help promote the competition itself to all the potential participants and communities you are active in, since gamedev code golfing is still a niche and the more of us the better.

That’s it - good luck and have fun!



Andrzej Mazur

HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher.