It’s incredible how long it took me to introduce some basic functionalities into the competition, like this blog, and now it’s time for a dedicated newsletter.

Of course there’s Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter, which I’m running since January 2014, where I add some js13k-related info from time to time, but I was missing a dedicated list only for the competition. And now it’s here.

I’ve initially added emails of the participants from all the previous years (beside 2012, since I didn’t have backend collecting those yet), but it’s more than obvious many will no longer be interested, so with the first email (coming out in a day or two) I’ll immediately offer unsubscribe option.

I wanted to reach out to all the people who could be interested, and previous years’ devs are first on the list, but I didn’t want to force them to be there though. Time flies, and even if you built something for the compo years ago, you may no longer be interested, and that’s perfectly fine.

Anyway, feel free to subscribe if you don’t have the time to follow this blog and / or social media, but still want to be up-to-date - I promise I’ll send only what’s important, and won’t share your address with anyone.