No Social Specials this year

It’s another change in 2018 after having Launch Party in Berlin, introducing WebXR category, offering (only) 100 t-shirts and starting a newsletter. I’m cancelling Social Specials, and here’s the mandatory explanation.

Social Specials: Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Social Specials were all about promoting your entry’s URL across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Entries with top number of tweets/likes/shares were awarded with extra prizes. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to be able to calculate those numbers correctly, because the social networks themselves are removing such functionalities from their APIs.

The main purpose of Social Specials was to encourage devs to submit their games as early as possible, so they have the time to promote them. That way more games would be submitted throughout the month, not only on the last two days, when usually 95% of the entries are sent. This would then lead to helping me keeping a little bit of sanity when accepting them all manually if they would be submitted more gradually.

Social Specials also worked quite well over the years as a way to help promote the competition itself by devs who were promoting their entries to their followers. Since it’s basically almost impossible to be able to count every single occurence of a given URL I have to cancel it this year.

I already had some issues last year, but somehow managed to have this delivered. Unless I’ll find a solid way to do it, Social Specials are not going back. If you do have any ideas on how to proceed though please let me know in the comments - maybe we’ll be able to bring it back somehow.

Also, if you have any fresh ideas on what we could have instead, do let me know too - I’m all open to suggestions.