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OP Games donates to support js13kGames growth

I’m beyond excited to announce that OP Games is donating part of the $300k earnings from the Arcadians NFT project sales towards the growth of the js13kGames competition in coming months.

The funds will go to supporting independent game developers, underprivileged artists, and NFT projects looking to scale. We believe that this donation will go a long way in advancing web 3 adoption among the community.

In this round OP Games are donating towards nfDAO, Crypto Pop Art Guild, and js13kGames. This comes days after their previous announcement of supporting open source game engines: Phaser, Godot, Defold, and Blender. They also plan on launching an accelerator for game developers soon.

Those funds will secure our future and allow us to focus all our time and energy on the project. We won’t be needing to look for client work to pay the bills or stress about getting enough partners for the upcoming competition to cover the budget. There will be no break between the recently ended, tenth edition of the competition and the upcoming one in 2022 as we will finally be able to work full time on making it even better than it is now.

It will also help Gamedev.js community and its various initiatives, like the planned Gamedev.js Survey in January or Gamedev.js Jam in April, and sustain those unprofitable on their own like the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter, or local Gamedev.js Meetups, refreshing their websites and bringing them to GitHub for easier collaboration.

We’re thrilled to be part of Arcadians - our Badlucky cat from Triska Reloaded game promoting the competition ended up as a companion pet, well received by the NFT community as a rarity booster, and a cute little fellow overall.

By leveraging the power of NFTs and sharing the same vision with its community, OP Games has reinvested its Arcadians earnings into powering web 3. For game developers, artists, and creators looking to know more about this new era of the internet, feel free to reach out to us through this form.

Exciting times ahead!



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