Queueing submitted entries, and ask for help with validation

Here’s to another new feature this year - current queue of the submitted entries. Simple, but extremely useful especially in the last few days before the end of the submission deadline.

js13k Queue

The process of accepting entries is semi-automatic, meaning I have to manually launch the game, see if it’s not violating the rules in any way (especially #3 about external resources), if the zip contains index.html, etc. And then click to accept, so you get the confirmation email, and announce it on Twitter and Facebook.

In the first days it’s usually quiet, after all you have a whole month to create a game. Last years the Social Specials were a way to motivate devs to submit early, and spend the rest of that time to promote the games on social media, but unfortunately Social Specials are no more this year.

After 2-3 weeks the games are starting to be submitted. It’s usually a few per day, which isn’t much to look into, validate, and accept. The problem arises in the last few days, when about 90% of the games are submitted, with literally dozens every hour in the last day.

This is understandable, but also quite stressful for both the devs and me. For devs, because in the last minutes they may not be sure if they submitted the game correctly, or why after many hours of submitting it the game is still not accepted and online. For me, because I literally spend a few days straight from the early morning till the very late night validating and accepting entries. It is super exhausting, especially if I have do do anything in the meantime.

Queue is a list of the submitted games

So, the Queue will let you know that your game was submitted, is waiting patiently and that 187 other games were submitted before yours, so you don’t have to ask every 5 minutes “when it will be online”, because answering that takes time which I’d usually spend… accepting more entries. This also brings us to the second part of the article - asking for help.

Help me validate submitted entries

After writing the Organizing a successful competition that doesn’t scale article a few of you said (via comments, email, Twitter, Slack, etc) they could help, if needed. Now is the right time then, and if you still want to help - please get in touch!

We’ll have a mailing list, or Slack channel for communication, depending what will be the easiest for you. What I will need is a few people willing to spend a few hours total mostly between September 10th and 13th. I will provide the tools and instructions, so you don’t need to know anything beforehand. It’s not colliding with you submitting an entry to the compo.

It will probably be whoever contact me first will join the review team, so the sooner you let me know, the better - thank you!