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Swag finally shipped - now time for selfies!

The curse of not being able to print and ship js13kGames t-shirts in a reasonable time frame is still on - we had to switch the printing house twice even though the whole process was suppose to be smooth this time, but we’ve finally made it.

The authors of the top 100 entries, and all our experts, receive free t-shirts and gadgets, shipped worldwide for free. The t-shirts have a different design every year, and we also toss in a different gadget - this time it’s a coaster along with the extra glitter sticker.

After a few years with the same place, we needed to switch to a new printing house in 2021. Unfortunately, we couldn’t continue with them in 2022, so we found a replacement, but when it came to finalizing the deal and printing the t-shirts, it didn’t work out either. And so, after already having the addresses from folks, we had to get back to the place we were printing even earlier, but it delivered.

We decided to ship ourselves though, since we had some issues with that in the past as well. That’s why if you are to receive the package, you’ll see our address and Ewa’s name on it, since she did all the hard work - packaging t-shirts, stickers, the coaster, and actually sending it through our local post office.

An email to all was sent with the tracking details - if you haven’t got yours and you’re sure you should, please reach out!

If you do receive the package, then please share it via social media using #js13k hashtag (for example on Twitter) and let us know - we’d love to keep the traditions going and collect selfies of brave folks in a dedicated Facebook gallery. Wear your swag proudly, you’ve earned it!

Ps. Don’t forget Gamedev.js Jam 2023 is coming.



Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers. The fun part of the compo is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. It runs between August 13th and September 13th, online since 2012.

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Andrzej Mazur

HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher.