Revised first draft

First sequence: Lebanese citizens are fed up. After the government’s failed to solve the garbage crisis in Lebanon, protesters and demonstrators of the “You stink” campaign have gathered in Downtown Beirut to stand up for their rights and let their voice be heard.

First interview

Second sequence: Protestors weren’t afraid of invading the offices of Lebanon’s environment minister, Mohammad Machnouk, declaring that they won’t leave until the minister resigns, despite the threats from security forces.

Second interview

Third sequence: Garbage piles on the streets, political corruption and on-going chaos have led Lebanese citizens to a protest march that went on for 4 days, last week.

Third interview

Fourth interview

Fourth sequence: The Lebanese red cross treated 402 people for symptoms of teargas, and almost 40 people were taken to the hospital. Police officers and forces have treated Lebanese citizens horribly, using violence and brutality to clear them out of the streets.

Last image: Lebanese citizens are still to this day protesting and claiming their rights for a better future, hoping that their country will finally find peace and serenity.

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