Assignment 4

Following up on our discussion on privacy please write a 600 words position paper on the following question:

Was Apple right to refuse unlocking the I-phone of the San Bernardino gunmen ? And would you support Apple’s position under any circumstance?

To answer this question you will need to look back at the course reading by Solove Perspectives on Privacy and the class slides of the past weeks.

Start by explaining how and why privacy is essential to the exercise of freedom, autonomy and self-determination and how it enables us to maintain a basic level of trust, dignity and security in our lives.

Then demonstrate how smart phones are putting these values under pressure and increase our vulnerability to illegitimate intrusions of our privacy, harassment, abuse, identity theft or surveillance or by enabling others to gain insights into our personal lives we are not aware of or that we may not want to share.

Then move on to discuss the case of the Bernardino killers. Make a case under what circumstances, if ever, phone companies such as Apple can legitimately be forced to provide access to personal information and at what point this turns into a severe breach of trust and a violation of their obligations towards customers.

To make the distinction easier compare the San Bernardino case to the story of the Italian father who also asked Apple for help with an i-phone. The data protection principles of the EU will help you to support your argument with clear criteria where national security ends and legitimate privacy needs begin.

Detailed info on both cases can be found here:

Format: Blog post on Medium

Length: 600 words

Deadline: Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 12 noon.

Grading Criteria:

To gain the maximum of points you need to include at least 3 properly referenced quotes from the course readings using in text references and an end- bibliography in APA style and present 2 visual examples.

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