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First Project @ GSA


I started this week by thinking about topics I could target with this website and APIs I could use.

I was concurrently reading ‘Speculative Everything’ by Dunne & Raby which led me to consider ways that I could try to create a website that would be provocative through speculation about alternative futures

I ended up with three areas I was interested in focusing on with my site. The first was class and the digital divide. The second area was the manipulative nature of commercial websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The third was how music is something I’ve been able to relate to many people I’ve met in the past week since getting to Glasgow.

This second area is based on an interest I have in the work of this group: Time Well Spent

Here are some pages of my sketchbook exploring potential ways to address there and other areas:


Additionally, I explored various online resources while doing research and created a mural to visually organize the sites I was interested in. Including the aesthetic web movement of brutalist websites, which inspired the visual design of my spotify idea (which you’ll see later in this post)

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 7.02.53 PM.png

As I played with the websites provided by Craig, I became interested in using web sockets to control your computer using your phone. I believe this form of interaction is interesting and novel. Without the ability to fully utilize a devices accelerometer from the web browser, I felt I wouldn’t be able to use this technology the way I wanted to and ultimately abandoned the idea for this project.

I was also interested in ways that the digital divide could be bridged. So I thought it could be interesting to create a “fake” government website that would present a new program in which the internet was taxed to provide subsidized or free internet to those who could not use it.

Due to my interest in how music can help people relate, I looked through the endpoints for the spotify API to see how I could use it for this project. I found that with spotify’s APIs one can share playlists and present them on a site. So my project will be a playlist exchange. Users will log on to the website and “give” a playlist to someone else, following this they will be led to a page like the one seen below, which will hold a playlist from a stranger who lives in another location.

Along with the playlists will be news from that location, the weather in that location, an image of currency from that location, and perhaps some other pieces of information that would provide some context to the playlist.

The provocative aspect of this work, would be that it may be able to build empathy between users through music. It would make a user consider how the life of another person may be, and I think empathy for people that are different from us is an important trait to exercise.

Here are some preliminary mockups:


The APIs I plan to use are:

News API, Yahoo Weather, Spotify API, and a Google Images API.

Final Product:

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