JSDay UY 2017 — Post CFP

The Call For Proposals is over and we had the privilege to evaluate 54 proposals. Thank you.

First of all, thanks to each of you who sent a proposal or help promoting the event.

We got some seriously good proposals. It felt almost insane to discard some of them, but we ended up with a line up we really *really* like.

There is one thing though…

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a lot of proposals from female speakers. We knew this was a thing that could happen, and that’s why we tried to prevent it by sending direct messages to speakers, to see if they could send a proposal or if they were just available to speak in the event.

We want to promote diversity by all means. We always said that this is an event created by and for the community, and it’s a shame that we couldn’t get a more gender diverse lineup.

Please, let us know how we can improve this for future editions.

Voting mechanism

Our voting mechanism, however, didn’t have anything to do with gender.

We took the 54 proposals gathered from Google Forms, exported into `csv` and import that in Airtable.

Then, we created three views (one for each of us) and hide all the information uploaded in the talk except for the talk name, links and notes. Also, the only vote visible in that view is the one you put, so we wouldn’t see each others votes before thinking our vote.

Each talk received a `-1`, `0` or `1` from each of us.

After all the talks were voted, we summed the votes and sort them by number of votes.

Then, we collectively discussed the most voted ones and selected nine. Taking at account everything that could be considered.

We emailed the selected speakers and unfortunately one couldn’t make it to the date, so we selected the first runner-up in the queue. That ended up in the lineup we have today.

This is an example of the first proposal we got. Sent by a friend to test the system and ensure there were no typos. Thank you, Ian!

Voting criteria

As I mentioned earlier, each one of us voted `-1`, `0` or `1` individually.

We agreed before, that we would be voting things that matter to the conference. This are things that benefit and/or entertain the community.

We also agreed that talks like “Introduction to Electron” (I’m only mentioning “Electron” because we didn’t received any Electron talk) wouldn’t benefit the conference that much.

I think you will notice that when we release the schedule later this week.

(What you see in the cover picture, is a random street of New York, photo taken by Celeste Korol.)


A community driven conference for JavaScript developers.

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