New JSFiddle embeds

Oskar Krawczyk
Dec 27, 2015 · 2 min read

New embeds have landed and a lot of things have changed!

There’s a whole new thing called the Embed Creator, no need to go through to documentation to see what’s possible to be done with the embed, now simply open up the Embed dropdown, and presto, all customization options are available:

  • Pick which tabs are visible
  • Change theme from light to dark
  • Pick embed type: script or iframe (depending on what you fancy)

Alter some colors, like:

  • Accent color (blue line in the menu) — this if great for websites that have their own branding color
  • Font color in the menu
  • Menu background color
  • Background color of the editor

All options take a hex value (skipping the # in the front).

It’s not hard to see, the embed is now available in two color flavors, light and dark.

More are to come — we’ll be adding third-party color schemes that are quite popular in some IDE’s.

We’ve really tried not to break any backwards compatibility with the previous embed. If anything should pop up, please drop a new issue on our Github Issues.

Happy embedding!

JSFiddle Updates

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Oskar Krawczyk

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JSFiddle Updates

[Changelog moved to]

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