110% Freelance Performance

To perform at 110% we we continuously need to improve our habits.

Freelancing is a lifestyle, and no one can deny that. There was a time when “serious” people would argue with you that you can’t make any money or build a career without committing to a 9 to 5 job. Freelancers are now in a position to make more money than some high profile jobs like corporate bankers or lawyers.


Being a good freelancer is hard, I can’t emphasize how important is to maintain high energy levels and channel it to the right places. Negative feelings and dissatisfaction can jeopardize everything we do, and it’s really essential that we always remember such an obvious thing. Of course, sometimes things just happen and there’s nothing we can do to avoid them, however, what separates successful people from others is their attitude towards the things that hit them. I know that many people give in to sadness after something bad happens, but those who don’t, they are equipped to tackle all future challenges. Useful questions that you can always ask yourself when reacting to a situation are “Would it help?”, “Is the way I am reacting helping in any way to improve the situation?”. I know, it’s hard not to overreact sometimes, not to see red, worry or overthink things, but your influence has its limits. If you’ve applied for a project or a job, and you’ve done everything possible to show what you are capable of, there is no use worrying if they are going to choose you, and the only thing that suffers in that process is your nerves. This sounds simple and straightforward, but a lot of people have trouble applying this in real life.

Choose with who you spend your time with

What else can we do to preserve energy? 
Do you ever feel exhausted after spending time with your friends and that happens almost every time you hang out with them? This is going to be one of the most important pieces of advice from this blog! Avoid that person, even if they are close to you, it sounds harsh, but that’s what it takes to stay positive and be a winner. Hanging out with someone who complains all the time will eventually make you complain too.


Also, food is one of the key factors when trying to preserve high energy levels. Few straightforward pieces of advice that are easy to follow are: 
1. Eat when you are hungry; 
2. Don’t overeat; 
3. Avoid sugars.

Sugars cause short energy boosts and after that a big energy crash. Sometimes you probably feel sleepy after you eat, and that’s because your meal consisted of large amounts of simple carbohydrates, like bread or pasta, and all of them have large amounts of sugars. Read the nutritional info, and if you see that sugars are high try to lower the intake or avoid it altogether. Chicken, fish meats, nuts, salads, oats, vegetables are always a good choice.


One great bonus you get is that you can work from different places, and a cafe or park is sometimes a tool to boost energy and creativity. The best thing that comes out from the flexibility of freelancing is that you now get more time and more choice how to invest that time. That means that you won’t miss your kid’s football game and maybe have more time for your hobbies and interests.


Not everything is a bowl of cherries in being a freelancer. Having more freedom can be a double-edged sword, but if you know how to use that freedom properly it’s a win-win situation for both sides. If you are starting out as a freelancer, make the decision and stick to it, it’s hard to explain to the people around you that you are not committed to a company and work position. That yells non-consistency and insecurity, and they are going to tell you that you can’t make it. Try to resist those voices and believe that your career is going to benefit from your choice. Moving on from there, you have to keep up with the newest technologies and directions your industry is heading in. Don’t get comfortable with current knowledge, and never stop learning…