Hey JavaScript Developer, Bookmark These Links!

We developers tend to have a list of very useful links that we visit on a daily or regular basis that help us do our job faster and better, for example I visit Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) daily. Sometimes to check if JavaScript has a built in solution for my problem and sometimes just to make sure I know what a function does before I use it.
But what about links that are really useful but you don’t have to visit on a regular basis? Maybe you only visit them once a month to refresh your memory or when someone asks you if you know a good link.

I asked myself that question and here are a few links I came up with.
This, of course, isn’t a comprehensive list, just a few links that I think are worth visiting every once in a while

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide (Link)

I don’t need to tell anyone that they should use a style guide when writing JavaScript, it makes your code cleaner, easier to read, predictable and the list goes on. 
It’s pretty much clear to everyone they should use one and the most popular right now (and still growing in popularity) is Airbnb’s JavaScript style guide.
The great thing about being so popular is that a lot of people want to join in and participate, that is why Airbnb’s JavaScript Style Guide has been translated to a number of languages, so if your english isn’t that good you can find it in a language you’re more comfortable with. Very cool!

Another awesome thing about Airbnb’s JavaScript Style Guide is it’s ‘Resources’ section which contains a lot of different stuff but the most useful are definitely ‘Books’, ‘Blogs’ and ‘Podcasts’ subsections.

Hive Project Guide (Link)

Hive Project Guide is a collection of suggestions and advice on setting up and maintaining your JavaScript project.

It contains sections on working with Git with some generally useful Git rules, writing documentation, setting up project environments, API design and more.

The one that was really interesting and useful for me is the ‘API design’ section.
A few months ago I wanted to refresh my memory on API design best practices and I was surprised that it was relatively hard to find a good post about it. 
Eventually I found a link on google search that was good enough so I kinda found what I was looking for but you have to understand I’m a lazy bastard and going through all those posts and not finding what I need is a huge ordeal for me.
Jokes aside, the API design section really does have some useful info and is exactly what I was looking for a few months ago.

Awesome JavaScript (Link)

Ah yes, the famous ‘Awesome List’.

For those of you who don’t know what an Awesome list is it’s a collection of awesome libraries, resources and ( in their words ) shiny things. In this case for JavaScript.

I really like going through Awesome JavaScript every so often and checking out what cool new tools JavaScript got. This usually leads to me getting a tonne of ideas for side projects, experiments or even a product that I could charge for, which is always fun.
The other use for Awesome JavaScript is if you already have an idea for a product / side project / experiment and you want to find tools that will make it easier for you to finish it.
Give it a try, it’ll be worth your while!

Bonus For My React Devs: JS.coach (Link)

Even though the name is js.coach (as in JavaScript coach) and has packages not just for react js.coach is most useful for React and React Native developers, if you’re one of those js.coach is the place for you to find useful packages.

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