JavaScript Recommendations #1

Lets take a look at what’s new and cool in the world of JavaScript!

Learn About Async/Await ( Link )

Learn how to make your async code cleaner, more readable and generally better with this post about JavaScript’s new way of handling async calls — Async/Await.

Get to know React (Link)

Want to know what React is all about? Look no further!

A word on React’s license from those who made it (Link)

While we’re talking about React, you might have noticed the commotion React’s license has been making.
Read what Facebook has to say about it.

Node forked! (Link)

The beauty of open source in all it’s glory — you don’t like how a piece of software is evolving? Fork it and do your own thing!

10 languages that compile to JavaScript (Link)

Want to write JavaScript without writing JavaScript?
This list will help you with that.