Gorging on the digital news buffet

How to find immersive, interactive and innovative ways of reaching new audiences

Alastair Leithead
Nov 26, 2019 · 4 min read
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Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash
  • To four different countries to explore what the doubling of Africa’s population by 2050 might look like.
  • And it took us up two great rivers.
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Photo: Philip Davies
  • Through live events, e.g. taking the news out into the community like Pop-Up Magazine here in the U.S.
  • Finding the new software or hardware to make multiplatform storytelling so much easier. Like Shorthand, Holoscribe and MediaStorm.
  • Asking how long will it be before virtual reality is good enough, and headsets common enough to bring a media revolution?
  • Are algorithm-driven bots and audio assistants reliable curators of the future?
  • How can machine learning help us find what’s most relevant, but not corral us into an echo chamber?
  • How can news practitioners best mesh with (or untether from) the big technology empires to provide the most appropriate content to the biggest audiences?
  • Do our consumers even want new technology to tell them the news? Do we have to go even further to reach them?
  • And finally — and perhaps most importantly — how do we challenge the assault on truth through misinformation and disinformation? How do we get social media scrollers to ask “what’s the source” before they hit “share.”

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