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As Design Thinking coach, I’m working in product and service design from the visioning up to delivery. Unlearn things is a challenge, but so far is best way to create new one experiences.
Note from the editor

Let me do a quick introduce about myself: I’m a professional with a clear idea about because designing an experience is more than just a nice UI, basically UX is focused to solve users’ problems or needs trough different processes such as Design Thinking, and UI is a single part of the process, more related with the project execution by itself.  However, main question remains. How do you know about users’ needs?  Based in research, interviews and empathize with user, t’s feasible to identify their common needs. After that, you’ll think strategically and find the best way to solve their common needs which will be based in Pareto Principle, I mean 20% of needs solved for 80% of users.  At the same time, I’m a results and data-driven professional working since 2000 delivering technology solutions for banking and other segments such as retail, pharma etc, trough exceptional relationships with users, clients, stakeholders, peers and senior leadership.

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Juan Pacheco
LATAM BDM (Business Development Manager) @ TCS Interactive | Design Thinking coach and Senior UX Designer, NLP practitioner since 2015. **opinions are my own**