Jublia is an established global leader in business matching

People, programs, and now: products

At its core, events are essentially a gathering of like-minded people looking to discuss similar topics or develop beneficial business relationships in one place. Building on this idea, we’ve conceptualized RevRank AI, the heart of our data-driven solutions, and refined it over the course of eight years and counting. …

The sweet spot

There was always an engagement sweet spot between the bustling content sessions and intimate 1:1 meetings — that spot provided a highly-personalized space where a small group of attendees can conducively interact and bounce ideas off each other.

Our newly-released roundtable feature aims to capitalize on that sweet spot and…

Visuals are something that are intrinsic in our personal and professional lives — from scrolling through Instagram to creating new sales assets at work, our world is surrounded by visual data in many different forms. That is why Jublia’s platform building processes are crafted with creativity as a top priority…

When thinking about events held earlier this year, you’d probably have several outcomes in your mind: it’s indefinitely postponed, cancelled, or, in the best of scenarios, held virtually.

From international summits to small local conferences, events then were entirely coordinated online on platforms that integrated attendee access, engagement and content…

‘I want my event to succeed.’

This statement is (and always has been) the one common goal shared by every event organiser throughout the vast landscape of business events. The differences, however, become apparent when we dive deeper into the specifics: what is success for your events?

Historically, events had associated success with basic metrics like…

Big data.

A trend that stormed many industries across the world, analysing big data was perceived to provide the solution for everything — from discovering new trends, developing new features and even embarking on new methods that can better analyse more data. …


Jublia is an established global leader in business matching

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