A Post by Jasmine See, our Business Development Intern 2016!

(That’s me in the center!)

Hello! My name is Jasmine. I’m a Ngee Ann Polytechnic student, currently studying Business and Information Technology. I joined Jublia as a two months intern, for part of my school’s curriculum. One would expect an internship to be pretty boring, and that your internship best-friend to be the photocopier machine, however that wasn’t the case for me!

I was placed under the Business Development Team in Jublia. My job can be explained simply as helping the company generate leads by sending outreaches to the prospective clients/events on behalf of Jublia. My job scope was mainly to keep the company’s sales pipeline healthy!

During my internship, I was attended MICE ASIA. I was able to meet real potential clients and other business delegates during MICE ASIA. I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and apply my networking skills by connecting with the people, telling them more about our services and experience.

Two months might be short but I have learnt so many new things that aren’t in my textbooks or lecture slides! I definitely have more knowledge about the MICE and events industry now. After seeing real life sales pitching and the interactions with clients from the MICE industry, I realized that this is an interesting industry with growing technological advancement potentials. I have also learnt how to do proper prospecting, playing a part in helping the company grow. Being able to meet so many great individuals from Jublia was also why I am not always stressed out with my workload.

A shout out to anyone looking to be part of a dynamic team as part of your own development. The amount I learnt was great and my experience here would definitely be one I’d remember!


Jasmine See (That’s me in the centre!)