Blazing into 2017 with new features on Jublia

We have been a little silent since end 2016 going into 2017, but that only means our team has been hard at work to introduce relevant features in our products.
I am pleased to announce the following features which are aimed to improve organisers workflow on Jublia platform and let them deliver the best business matching performance with more efficiency.

1st, CRM

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, on Jublia SENSE allows you a one stop platform to gather all relevant data, to assist your clients at your event in the most efficient way possible.
This is especially useful for hosted buyers programme, where show team members are highly active in managing the buyers needs and will be able to use this extensive feature to manage buyers meetings, print buyer schedules, find out which exhibitors would like to meet them (and if they have responded).

Let us know if you are interested to take it for a demo spin to see how this can boost your buyers meetings management.

2nd, Sending better requests

We are taking one step forward in create better meetings will more relevant context. As of today, any requests sent in Jublia allows you to send a message and more: the sender will be able to indicate specifically which products, services or partnership he/she is interested in. This allows the receiver to understand why the sender wants to meet him and thus, giving more context to allow the receiver to respond.

This is a small add-on, but we find it extremely useful especially in trade exhibition and investment related events.

3rd, Search Trends

Search is probably the single most important feature of any business matching system, to enable your customers to accurately source for important leads.
This is why it makes complete sense for organisers to study their event search data. Sample images from our demo platform below.

4th, Requests over time

We found that by understanding how requests are made over time, you can better understand how passive (or active) your attendees are, and how strong the buy-sell potential is sustained in your event. Give this graph a look on Sense if you already have an event using Jublia previously and want to find out how and when exactly your users are more active (or passive).

5th, Agenda

I kept this as the last item, but Agenda is the single most exciting part of our system to merge Content and Leads together, into 1 platform. We can now provide an integrated Agenda within our business matching system, offering the world’s first unified scheduling platform your attendees. This is especially useful for Confexs and/or Conferences which are are mainly agenda-based events.

This is not irrelevant for exhibitions too. The agenda can be used to include your exhibitors’ booth activities, allowing exposure of these activities for your visitors/buyers, as they setup their on-site meetings. All via the same platform. Below is a sample image of how it looks like on Jublia MATCH platform.

We will be speaking about Agenda in further depth in a separate blogpost soon. Stay tuned!

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