Industry challenges according to UFI’s Global Exhibition Barometer Report 2016

The UFI’s Global Exhibition Barometer Report is a gem in summarising the macro challenges that is faced by the exhibition industry.
The following is what I learnt from the report.

The below images belongs to UFI. The full report can be accessed

Globally, the top 4 key issues that the industry faces are external facing issues regarding the economy and the businesses itself. I believe these are all reasons that all businesses faces, which is not fully unique to the industry. The next key issue, the impact of digitisation is likely one that is fairly new to the industry.
Responding to customer digitisation needs is clearly the top reason as the digitisation age beckons.


The impact of digitisation seems to be the most pronounced in Europe, followed by Americas, APAC then MENA.


It is also interesting to note that the HR climate is the most challenging in APAC.

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