Mar 12, 2018 · 2 min read

First off, please take note that Jublia has a new business address:

Jublia Pte Ltd
#01–02, SINGAPORE 409961

We are pretty excited to be shifting to a new space, going from an office space of our own, to a co-working environment @ The Common Ground. We are looking forward to a fresh environment as we enter the 5th year in business!

Here’s the reasons why we chose a co-working space over a private rented space (cost not being one of them, it’s actually more expensive overall):

Better facilities to match business needs

At Jublia, I think it’s safe to say that we have a lack of meeting rooms as it happens that we seem to scheduling our individual conference calls around the same timings.

With the increasing overall staffs strength and also a remote team, we think that this co-working space has much to offer in terms of how we can utilise the business features (calling booths, well equipped meeting rooms and blazing fast secured internet). In fact, those are highly mission critical needs to keep the communications going within the company.

On top of that, the space comes with the potential to organise both internal and external events!

A tighter and more integrated working space

We took this chance to better integrate our teams at this new space. We mix up different sub-teams members to prevent huddling in sub-teams silos.

This doesn’t mean that the individual sub-teams will have less effective internal work. As all our tables are all next to each other as one Jublia team, anyone within or across sub-teams are within arm reaches when we need to collaborate!

We hope this will lead to a more integrated team: more collaboration and lesser miscommunication!

More effective space to complement lifestyles

The co-working space comes with better space, a sizeable bar cum pantry, for those mid day coffee chat, after work drinks, casual discussions and more!

It also comes with more effective space for staffs to manuveur so as to keep focus on our work, depending on which ever “zone” we are in throughout the day.

With showering facilities in place, we already have staffs planning mid day workout sessions and post work runs. Looking forward to keeping a healthier lifestyle at this new space!

May this new space bring us more positivity and possibilities!


We match people and content intelligently at events


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Co-founder and CEO of Jublia. Exploring the next level of human interactions.



We match people and content intelligently at events

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