Virtual Event Series (Part 13): Match Analytics

Introducing a game-changing analytics feature that allows your customers (attendees, exhibitors, sponsors etc.) to remain highly competitive in an increasingly digital-driven business landscape.


These days, organisations are no longer expected to make critical decisions based on speculations, assumptions or wild guesses. For events, the shift to virtual has highlighted the importance of statistics in gaining a strategic advantage over competitors and in enhancing present business models, processes and workflows.

Jublia has always delivered exceptional value to event organisers through our deep data analytics capabilities. Our robust analytics suite has provided event organisers with valuable, and more importantly, actionable insights for the past 8 years.

There is no better time than now to extend the scope of data analytics to include your customers. By providing them with the tools necessary to analyse ROI metrics for event attendance all on one platform, your customers will be well-equipped to scale greater heights.

Set your event apart by delivering ROI metrics directly to your customers

One of the biggest challenges for event organisers has always been developing a strong ROI proposition for both exhibitors and attendees. In this day and age, virtual platform features such as intelligent networking functions and smart scheduling are to be expected. How can organisers push the boundaries to expand upon these mainstays and offer unique event intelligence value to their customers?

It is with great pleasure to present to you a first-of-its-kind feature: Traffic & Matchmaking Analytics. These attendee-centric analytics seek to remove the “blindfold” from customers (attendees, exhibitors, sponsors etc.) and elevate their event attendance experience by allowing them to build a complete data picture around their profile, company and products. This results in a highly active platform as customers will synergise on the best solutions to update their information and strengthen their reach.

Traffic Analytics

It is never easy to fully grasp the information surrounding online and offline participation during live, virtual or hybrid events, especially in terms of tangible value. Our Traffic Analytics feature seeks to address that by providing versatile and well-rounded analytics on the attention your attendance is garnering, enabling you to finesse your interactions accordingly.

Attendees and exhibitors are granted access to Traffic Analytics across three groups — My Profile, My Company and My Product.

  • Bookmarks — their profile/company/product bookmarked by other users.
  • Visits — their profile/company/product visited by other users.
  • Impressions — number of times their profile/company/product appears to other users.

Another neat feature of Traffic Analytics is the ability to zoom into specific periods that may be of interest to you.

Data Visualisation at its best!

Matchmaking Analytics

While event organisers can provide functional matchmaking tools, the essence of effective matchmaking lies in ensuring that attendees react and engage actively.

Matchmaking Analytics visualises the business performance of each customer at your event, propelling them onto the next viable steps they can take to boost their ROI.

Make data work for your customers, and not the other way around.

  • Pie charts show a complete picture of your meeting status.
  • Received/Sent Requests Conversion — Tracks the response rates of meeting requests so one can respond better and craft their meeting requests to win.

The extent of Matchmaking Analytics is twofold — they allow users to analyse both their own and their company’s Matchmaking data, with the latter especially useful for delegates to compare their matchmaking performance with their peers and for team leaders to nudge each individual’s business performance at the event!

Data as a powerful monetisation tool for organisers

Your customers are constantly on the lookout for the right metrics to justify their participation at your events. This need was already building up even before COVID-19; pandemic restrictions simply accelerated this need.

With Match Analytics, Jublia has set out to fill a gap that has emerged since the rise of virtual — for both customers and event organisers alike.

By enabling the power of data in the hands of your customers, we foresee that once they understand their experience better, they are able to make data-driven decisions that do more and gain more with event organisers.

If you are interested to learn how data analytics will help your customers and more importantly, help you monetise better, feel free to speak to us at or get in touch with whoever you know from Jublia!

The future is data — are you ready for it?

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