Virtual Event Series (Part 3): Jublia Re-imagines The Virtual Event Lobby Experience with … Explore

Jun 29, 2020 · 3 min read

The new Explore feature brings the event “virtual lobby” to a whole new level, with novel ways for organisers to craft their own storytelling that is supported by an evolving interface that constantly personalises content and recommendations and to each attendee. It also enhances an organiser’s sponsorship monetisation opportunities.

With the grey clouds of Covid-19 looming above Live Events, the heightened need for Virtual/Hybrid Events have our esteemed clients requesting a central platform for their attendees to access and engage with their brand, content and participants; very much like an actual physical event venue lobby.

This has presented us with an opportunity to level-up our Unified 360° platform (a fully integrated platform that combines Match 360° matchmaking as well as Content 360° content) by a few notches. Notwithstanding the fact that our technology has matured so quickly in such a short about of time this year, with numerous in-depth features (think putting the power to engineer the ROI of an attendee in the hands of event organisers, that’s exactly what we’ve been working on).

We wanted to craft an experience that goes beyond (merely) fulfilling the organisers request of having a “landing site / landing page”. It is our fervent belief that attendees need to have an intuitive and personalised “lobby” that actually resonates with the event experience crafted for them.

Hence, through a combination of our technologies which include RevRank (our proprietary recommendations engine powered by learning (AI) algorithms), Concierge (our data-driven scalable engagement fulfilment) as well as our Fully Branded Experience (all our platforms can be 100% white-labelled to your brand)… Explore was born.

A new way to Explore

Similar to entering into an event lobby, Explore provides a central “venue” that encourages attendees to further engage with your event virtually through timely and personalised information. Explore is designed to be a lively and evolving interface where individual attendees can instantly relate to, at different point of time in an event. It is NOT just a soul-less static wall of links and images.

Useful sections listed in bite sized cards for quick review

Imagine a virtual lobby, powered by AI recommendations to be dynamic based on individual preferences. As you enter, standing beside the lobby entrance is an ever-ready concierge who has already prepared a personalised dossier for you. That is the experience Explore is designed for.

Explore alerts you on upcoming sessions, lets you know what’s happening live concurrently and supports the ability to broadcast any chosen video or on-going live streams. It comes with a personalised dossier that helps attendees obtain a snapshot of their current matchmaking and agenda engagement on the platform, easily getting them up to speed with upcoming activities or review recommendations.

Enhanced monetisation possibilities

One of the biggest challenges for organisers dealing with virtual events is monetisation. With the new enhanced possibilities on Explore, this may have just gotten easier.

From top: Storytelling lobby interface and highlight area

Explore now allows the organiser to first introduce the platform with a multi-media storytelling interface that enables them to add crucial links, font styles and images. Below this, directly leads to a highlight area where the possibilities are endless. Our clients have used this area to promote marquee sponsors with interactive video, sponsored image advertisement and special embed of interactive sponsor websites. We are excited to see what you will come up with too!

Speak to us!

We’re already helping some of the most esteemed and biggest trade shows and conferences to virtualise their hybrid events. With Explore, things just got even more exciting for our clients and attendees. Reach out to us anytime for a chat at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re already familiar with!


Jublia is an established global leader in business matching…


Jublia is an established global leader in business matching and event data analytics. Headquartered in Singapore, we work with event organisers from every single continent of the world!


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Co-founder and CEO of Jublia. Exploring the next level of human interactions.


Jublia is an established global leader in business matching and event data analytics. Headquartered in Singapore, we work with event organisers from every single continent of the world!

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