Future Generations: Rule Book and Resources

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” — Abraham Lincoln

Future Generations is a role playing game by Jennifer Olsen and Judeth Oden Choi in which the players collaboratively build a near future world, discover the role of learning within it, and play out a community meeting, in the style of a PTA meeting, where the needs, concerns and dreams of the community are discussed.

Link to a DRAFT of the rule book.

The game was created through three participatory workshops (first one here, workshops 2 and 3 here) that helped us better understand people’s feelings and experiences with school, their various perspectives and visions on education, and the difficulty in discussing these differences.

Workshops included storytelling, embodied practices, discussion and game design. Participants also workshopped different mechanics for negotiating these difficult conversations.

Here’s more on our process.