Dawn Porter’s Documentary and Lecture Reflection

Dawn Porter’s documentary “Gideon’s Army” gives audiences an inside look into the careers of three different public defenders. The director did a great job at capturing the rawness and reality of being a public defender, both its positives and negative aspects of this job. What is great about the film is that it kept me invested in a subject I normally do not invest in and this means, the director has done her job very well. I was educated about public defenders and the law through this documentary. Dawn Porter’s lecture in Wheaton College this past week reflected her process in creating this film and its affects it has had on people across the country.



1) Why did you decide to document these three specific public defenders?

2) One of Travis’ clients had a friend involved with the crime that assisted the prosecutors during the trial. What was Cody (the accomplice) sentenced to?

3) What was your purpose for making this documentary?

4) How long did you film for?

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