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Back by Popular Demand: JuggerSWAP Beta v0.13 & 60k JGN Pre-listing Reward

Before the first official exchange listing, the JGN team has a special reward to our amazing and growing community! This time the rewards are 3x bigger! The next staking phase (beta v0.13) of JuggerSWAP will go live at 10 pm EST on September 24th. Please do not use it before then. JuggerSWAP is designed to be the core synth marketplace and swapping center for the JGN Ecosystem.

JGN DeFi has officially launched the second beta phase of JuggerSWAP that supports two mining pools:

1. Pool 1: stake SKM to earn JGN

2. Pool 2: stake JGN to earn JGN

There are now 60,000 JGN in the mining pools in the second round. Unfortunately, for those who staked in the first round, you will have to re-stake the JGN tokens again. This is due to the need to implement a new and secure smart contract that we or anyone else cannot change. We appreciate your patience and support with this beta.

Link to JuggerSWAP Beta.

As previously mentioned, here is how the staking works:

Please note, this is separate from the 1% total JGN commitment to SKM holders (over a two-year period). Exact details will be announced after the initial centralized exchange listing for JGN as an airdrop or further staking requirement.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Or click the link here:https://juggerswap.jgndefi.com/staking/

*Please note:

a. It is recommended to access on PC;

b. VPN may be required, depending on your location.

2. Click “connect” to connect your preferred wallet — MetaMask is recommended for PC users.

3. Mining home page 1:

Select your preferred language in the top right corner of this page. The site is currently available in two languages: English and Simplified Chinese.

Below is the home page in Chinese

4. Click “open” to enter SKM and JGN pools respectively.

4.1 SKM round 2 smart contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xa9aF47C78987C4a1429f9bA34E53554a90991012

The SKM pool looks like this:

Click “Stake Tokens” — Then you will be redirected to MetaMask to complete the transaction.

Other features can also be found on the same page.

4.2JGN Round 2 smart contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5fbe899cfa0bdec8fec3f026a79cb16d9db4d094

How Are My Mining Rewards Calculated?

Each is a yield farming pool that lasts for 21 days, with 30,000 JGN in total as rewards per pool (60k total).

The reward per minute is fixed, determined by the speed of Ethereum, and it is proportional to order size. See the example below based on the last round (the current one is 3x in total rewards):

• JGN reward per hour = 30,000 JGN/ 21 days/ 24 hours = 59.52 JGN (This is fixed)

• Eg. If you stake 1,000 SKM, and meanwhile there are 10,000 SKM in the pool, then you will be paid = 1,000/10,000 =10% — Simply put, you will be rewarded 10% of the pool size. Then the amount of JGN you will be rewarded is = 10% x 59.52 = 5.952 JGN

Please note that this situation is dynamic. It is difficult to tell the total amount of SKM in the pool. This is the reason why the earlier you participate, the more potential rewards you will have!

Remember, this is early stage beta. Your participation and feedback are most welcome! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

What’s to Come for JuggerSWAP?

Future features include adding and showcasing the actual ‘j’ Series DeFi synthetics. Beyond that, JGN is working on making it easy for anyone to create their own customizable synthetic, bringing financial DeFi use cases to non-financial industries.

JGN will enable users to share value with stakeholders and create accountability in a dynamic and global setting. Moreover, with JuggerSWAP, users will be able to offer and fund these custom projects based on their own criteria. With JGN, if you can dream it, you can do it!



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