dJGN Rewards Halvening: Adjusting the Token Inflation 🛠🦁

Juggernaut (JGN)
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3 min readDec 29, 2022


The dJGN system is adjusting its rewards, in an effort to maintain flexibility and improve the medium and long-term prospects of JGN.

The dJGN rewards will be half. We need to reduce the token inflation on the ecosystem during the bear market.

The dJGN halvening will start on March 27th

In order to adapt to the current crypto market, we have considered different options, but we feel reducing the number of JGN tokens in circulation should be priority number one.

We have always maintained a balanced approach to the JGN tokens, and will continue doing so in the future. If we don’t release tokens, we may not be able to attract new users to our ecosystem, but if we release too many, the consequences could be catastrophic for the health of Juggernaut.

Recently, the crypto market has made us reduce the dJGN presence, with fewer and fewer crypto pools. We think this new system is fair for the existing supporters of our Diamond JGN system, with its DAO & staking components, because it will allow us to keep offering rewards to our most loyal supporters, while also minimizing the impact of the bear market in our operations.

We feel this is good news for everyone involved, as it shows that we are committed to the long term health of JGN, and are always adapting to the market circumstances.

The dJGN halvening will happen on March 27th as it marks 600 days of the system running.

About dJGN

Diamond JGN (or dJGN) is a membership program that rewards early supporters and contributors. It is a way to thank the community for their immense support, share rewards, and attract new community members thanks to its incredible components.

Diamond JGN is a unique membership program with three core componens:

  1. Staking: Diamond JGN members will get JGN rewards for staking.
  2. DAO: vote on proposals, partnerships, and get truly involved.
  3. Exclusive Features: extra perks and upcoming secret rewards.

Diamond JGN Full How-To Guide:

JGN is unstoppable DeFi. We are building a friendly and cohesive ecosystem, where all the components are user-first and easy to access.

Invested by Binance, SoftBank (UK), Goldman Sachs (CA), LD Capital, or AVAX Asian Fund (AVATAR) among others, JGN wants to expand its reach across the whole decentralized space.

With DAO, NFT, Games, and Charity components, leading global partners, and a powerful community, JGN continues to revolutionize the DeFi space with powerful innovations.

Join us in our new DeFi for good initiative, with exciting charity mechanisms, including staking, burning, DAO voting, lucky draws, and more!

Welcome to the ultimate and seamless suite of tools to empower any charity to launch a DAO and powerful NFTs in one of the leading NFT marketplaces on BSC.

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