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Introducing Diamond JGN: Staking, DAO, and Exclusive Membership Features!💎🦁

We are excited to announce Diamond JGN; a unique membership program with three core componens:

  1. DAO: vote on proposals, partnerships, and get truly involved.
  2. Exclusive Features: extra perks and upcoming secret rewards.

Definitive Launch Date: August 5th

Juggernaut will allocate 10% of its Total Supply (15m JGN) to the Diamond JGN plan over five years. The Staking and DAO components are crucial in our vision of a decentralized world, and the exclusive membership features are a way to ensure we reward the true believers and supporters of Juggernaut.

Stake JGN, get rewards and participate in JGN’s Governance model, all through a simple platform. Put your JGN to work, and become a diamond JGN holder 💪

What is Diamond JGN?

Diamond JGN (or dJGN) is a membership program that rewards early supporters and contributors. It is a way to thank the community for their immense support, share rewards, and attract new community members thanks to its incredible components.

Diamond JGN is a truly new experience, with a new UX/UI, and incredible components never seen before.

Will Diamond JGN be audited?

Yes. Diamond JGN will be audited by a reputable third-party, trusted by top tier exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, or OKEx.

We will never release a product before being sure it has been audited and it has passed the minimum security requirements.

What is dJGN?

dJGN is not a secondary token, but rather a membership certificate, and the minting of dJGN can only be achieved through JGN. It is a loyalty program for JGN token holders.

What are the benefits of Diamond JGN?

  • dJGN membership rewards (Staking)
  • Proposal and voting rights (DAO)
  • Future lottery use cases
  • NFT & partnerships suggestions
  • Secret program that we can’t talk about yet
  • Other benefits

The dJGN membership rewards are at the core of Diamond JGN, and the greatest way to thank loyal JGN token holders.

In total, JGN will give out 10% of its tokens (15m JGN) to reward long-term contributors and holders of JGN in the Diamond JGN Program (over 5 years). The dJGN membership rewards are divided into three main components:

  1. A reward acceleration program: the dJGN rewards will be higher in the first 30 days of dJGN’s launch. There will be a 50% bonus!
  2. 5% reward fee: exiting fees (from dJGN to JGN) will be rewarded to dJGN holders!

All the rewards will be paid in the form of dJGN tokens, in real-time, and compounded: the more you stake, the greatest rewards you’ll get.

⭐️dJGN holders get JGN from those who leave⭐️

Exiting the JGN Diamond Membership has a 5% exit fee. This 5% is given back to dJGN stakers, rewarding continuous staking!

How can I mint dJGN?

Staking 100 JGN can mint 1 dJGN in our platform.

Can I transfer dJGN?

No, as dJGN is not a platform token. It is only a certificate, so it does not have circulation properties, and can’t be transferred.

Is there a fee to redeem dJGN for JGN?

There is a fee for the redemption of dJGN into JGN, which is currently fixed at 5%. These rewards are distributed monthly between dJGN holders.

Example: If a user wants to redeem 10 dJGN, then the user would receive 1000 JGN — the 5% fee = 950 JGN.

10 dJGN x 100 x (0.95)

Note: the penalty percentage can be changed in the future through community governance.

After almost one year of existance, Juggernaut has grown a lot thanks in big part to the community. We want to give something back to the people supporting the project.

Our new DAO starts with the idea of a decentralized world. We want to involve the true fans and supporters, especially those that have been very vocal since the beginning.

This is a new system that will allow the community to be part of the JGN’s decision making moving forward.

The DAO will evolve overtime, starting with proposals and voting rights, suggestions, future lottery activities, and much more coming.

The idea behind the DAO is that anyone participating can truly feel like they are part of Juggernaut and its future. There are many growth opportunities at JGN, and we want the community to be a part of the journey.

Diamond JGN does not end on Staking and DAO. Members of the program will be rewarded long term for their support, with extra benefits and access to secret rewards that we will be revealing during this year.

Lottery usecases, exciting rewards, and being part of a program that rewards long-term supporters of JGN with exclusive perks over the upcoming years.

Diamond JGN Launch: August 5. Become a Diamond JGN holder!

About Juggernaut

Juggernaut (JGN) is a complete custom DeFi suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem with full BSC compatibility.

We are creating the go-to BSC NFT Exchange. Open access, freedom of assets, and available for anyone, anywhere.

We are building an NFT infrastructure, games, collections, and our Exclusive BSC NFT Exchange. Juggernaut is building a unique ecosystem, full of exciting use cases, merging the possibilities of DeFi with NFTs.

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