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JGN Anti-Inflationary Genesis Pool — Official Launch Announcement

Mark your calendars. JGN’s first LPE (liquidity pool event) is set for Friday, October 16th at 1 PM UTC, 9 AM EST and 9 PM Beijing Time!

The Genesis supply of JGN is 120k over 4 weeks. The first few participants are guaranteed 1000%+ APY. Subsequent participants will be able to see their APY displayed dynamically.

JGN will also be key to the upcoming NFT mining and additional synths as part of the JuggerSWAP marketplace.

What is Anti-Inflationary Mining?

A key benefit to JGN is that there is a fixed supply of JGN that will never change. 150 Million JGN (unlocked over 5 years). That’s it. So, for many other yield farming protocols that offer constant token and ecosystem inflation, JGN will never do that. We will never mint or add more JGNs to the supply beyond the 150M.

What is JGN?

Juggernaut (JGN) is the First DeFi Commerce Infrastructure

Create and run your own DAO:

-Customize your use case and build your own synth

-Dynamically split profits based on performance

-Globally collaborate on establishing project decisions

-Have people fund it and engage in innovative new models on our JuggerSWAP marketplace

-Future NFT compatibility and marketplace

What Juggernaut is Building Towards:

Forget about just replicating existing financial commodities and putting them on the blockchain, such as stocks, other cryptos, derivatives etc. JGN’s decentralized synthetic asset system removes countless barriers of the traditional financial market. It will allow individuals or institutions to trade various custom synthetic financial products, satisfies crypto’s decentralized ethos, meets users’ demand for open finance, and follows the current development trend of finance.

JGN can usher in a new wave of creative synthetic creation and commerce. It can be a catalysts for NFTs and beyond! It can seamlessly connect cryptocurrency and dynamic financial systems and provides a feasible mechanism for trading real-world custom non-commodity assets on blockchain. It can expand DeFi to increase the market value of the entire cryptocurrency market and empower genuine adoption. Synth trading is significant for future crypto industry transformation and will be a key trend to reshape financial transactions as we know them.

Exact details, smart contract info, instruction and more will come tomorrow. Now is your chance to get ready. Let’s do this!



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