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JGN Grand Persian Community Opening!

Here at JGN, we pride ourselves in expanding our ever-growing community.

Over the last few months we’ve listed JGN on notable exchanges such as Gate and done countless AMA’s to spread the word about JGN in different languages.

We also successfully launched our yield farming genesis pool, grew our social media presence and much more.

You can see a short summary of our progress in October here https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/jgn-project-summary-october-2020-615610509b24

Due to high demand, JGN is proud to announce that we are taking a step further by opening up to new language communities to grow our global voice. Our third language (beyond English and Chinese) will be the JGN Persian community and continue to grow our global outreach.

The Juggernaut team is working hard to bring our super fresh NFT marketplace and ecosystem to life, and help take JGN to unprecedented heights.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium for more updates on JGN!

The link to our new Persian telegram group is here: https://t.me/JGN_Persian



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