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JuggerDRAW Results & JuggerDRAW V2 Launch Announcement (Dec 30th)!

Well, that was fun!!! JuggerDRAW was a huge success! It was all done in just one day! 10k NFT cards can go quickly with how fun and addictive JuggerDRAW can be!

Recap: JuggerDRAW 1.0 was a SMASHING Success

A BIG congrats goes to @JulsBuko for getting the ONLY ‘T’ card in the first JGN JuggerDRAW. There was a 1/10k chances and they’re the big winner!

(8) JGN DeFi #BSC on Twitter: “A BIG congrats to @JulsBuko for getting the ONLY ‘T’ card in the first JGN JuggerDRAW. 1/10k chances and they’re the big winner!😁🎉 A HUGE success so far. We may be planning another one soon… so stay tuned. jXP BSC w 11k+ transfers already! @BinanceChain @cz_binance @binance https://t.co/e4JCGW2Qbb" / Twitter

This was a HUGE milestone for JGN. jXP BSC w/ 12k+ transfers already! 💥💥💥

Looking at jXP (BSC) in just the past 24 hours: https://www.bscscan.com/token/0x10702bebd7d15507f4ed2078bc76da44d3bef060

  • Number of transactions 12k+
  • Wallets 600+

This is the NFT Claimed cards hash transactions — with 10,000 over just 24 hours!

https://www.bscscan.com/tokentxns?a=0xE7123f9e34e101ce9D24feB40642618D49Ae29De&p=195 — —

Binance Smart Chain was Crucial

As this was our first BSC exclusive, it was great to tap into the BSC community and their amazing chain. Truthfully, without them this wouldn’t have been possible. A couple of days ago ETH gas transaction fees went all the way to close to $20 with several minutes of transaction time! With just a few seconds and ~$.04 in transaction speed and cost, those 10k NFT flew by! Also, shoutout to all the new JGN fans and community members. We’re ready to make big things happen together!

JuggerDRAW V2 Coming soon on December 30th!

Speaking of which, JuggerDRAW was a warm-up. Now it’s official. The next round is coming on December 30th 9 PM EST.

Bigger and bolder — JuggerDRAW V2 is coming very soon. We listened to tons of feedback from you, our amazing community over the past few days and you’ll notice some exciting changes in this version:

What’s different this time for V2:

  1. Adding collectable Holiday NFTs (that can be traded on our upcoming NFT exchange!)
  2. More JGN Focused: As requested, everything will now be in JGN! As we are pushing to make JGN a top global NFT + DeFi project, your feedback is invaluable. As we evolve the project, we do several community-based tests to see what the market is truly crying out for. Based on feedback, JGN holders loved it and we will test only JGN (pausing jXP until subsequent usage opportunities)
  3. PLAY AND BURN. All JGN collected (-minus the rewards given out) will be burned… gone forever, reducing our overall supply of JGN.
Play for a chance to win big, we burn more JGN!

Here’s a look at some the cool new holiday collectible NFTs:

Good luck to you all for the next round and Merry Christmas to everyone!



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