JuggerDRAW V2 All Sold Out! Results are Here! 🦁🤑

Juggernaut (JGN)
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3 min readJan 13, 2021


JuggerDRAW v2 was a lot of fun! 10k NFT cards went by quickly, and now it’s time to recap the numbers 💪💪💪

For those who aren’t familiar with JuggerDRAW, here is a a recap:

JuggerDraw is the BSC exclusive on-chain NFT lucky draw where you can win big JGN prizes!

Put together the words to win a prize. The first to spell Juggernaut wins BIG!

Only 10 JGN per play… and don’t worry, we all win! All JGN used (minus the rewards) in the draw will be burned forever!

More details: https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/juggerdraw-v2-bsc-exclusive-nft-game-is-live-b4c6e0f29889

The BIG Winner 🎊🎉

A big congrats to @RangoSteve88 for winning JuggerDRAW V2 and getting the T card (with a 1/10k chance 😱)!!!


Huge Growth & Long-term Potential for JGN

We used jXP to participate in JuggerDRAW v1. Thanks to community feedback, we decided to change that to JGN for JuggerDRAW v2, to make the game easier, more accessible, and give JGN holders extra incentives to participate in the DRAW.

We are excited to share that the impact of JuggerDRAW v2 on JGN has been massive! There are now over 15k unique transactions of JGN for the last couple of weeks. There are almost 900 unique wallets for JGN.


Numbers for JuggerDRAW v2

Over $10,000 worth of prizes, 10,000 NFT cards, and an unique BSC Holiday Collection are the main features of the version 2 of the game.

Over 1,100 people claimed their JGN rewards on JuggerDRAW v2:


There were over 40,000 transactions between users and our smart contract:


All JGN collected (-minus the rewards given out) will be burned… gone forever, reducing our overall supply of JGN. We will announce the official burn soon.

Strong NFT Demand Ahead of JGN Exchange Launch

We were blown away with the incredible uptake and engagement around the addition of our 2020 Holiday collection for V2. All 2200 were snatched up pretty quickly.

We are very excited to be launching our BSC NFT Exchange very soon. Wait for the drop… 💥

Juggernaut is a complete custom DeFi synthetics suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem + marketplace. We focus on the emerging non-commodity, custom DeFi synthetics market.

We believe that DeFi and NFTs should be accessible and simple for all. Juggernaut wants to help everyone be part of the DeFi revolution, and let them get exposure to new and interesting asset classes and innovations.

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