Juggernaut (JGN) FEB-MAR-APR Recap and Updated Roadmap 🦁

Juggernaut (JGN)
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4 min readMay 4, 2022


Juggernaut has experienced amazing growth since we started in 2020! We want to keep the community updated and provide the latest data points for JGN, social media stats, key events, and more! While the overall market has been very up and down, we don’t stop.

2022 is looking very promising for Juggernaut, with the upcoming JGN Charity initiative, partnerships, new components, and upgrades to the existing ecosystem. 🦁🦁🦁

Let’s have a look at February, March, and April for JGN, and what our plans are for the future, with our updated roadmap.


JGN x BabySwap partnership with Farm, Snack Pool, and Trade Mining!

Exciting AMA with BabySwap:

Results of the first dJGN DAO vote!

Third MASSIVE LP Pool on JuggerSWAP, voted by the dJGN DAO:

The second round of MDEX x JGN mining activities:

Chinese New Year exclusive NFTs and rewards:

JGN AVAX supported on Gate.

JuggerDRAW 5, #AVAX edition!


JGN reimbursing the gas costs for JuggerDRAW v5:

AVAX JGN NFT collection 100% sold out:

100k JGN burned:

Saint Patrick’s Day rewards:

Juggernaut exciting soft rebrand and looking forward:

DeFi for Good charity initiative with Steve Aoki! Top DJ in the world with 8.2m followers on Twitter:


JGN Give + Burn with Steve Aoki, donating 381,199 JGN to Ukrainian humanitarian efforts! (and burning the same amount)

Second dJGN vote:

The dJGN DAO decided to do a fourth MASSIVE LP pool on JuggerSWAP:

Incredible rewards on JuggerSWAP:

Michael Carter-Williams, NBA star, supporting the JGN Charity and DeFi for Good Initiative!

JuggerSWAP’s 4th LP pool audited:

JGN’s second Give + Burn with Michael Carter-Williams:

JGN Traction

Shout-out from Túlio (840k followers on Twitter):

JGN named #2 coin on March 2nd by Lunar Crush:


Shout-out from BSC Gem:

JGN named #4 of all Metaverse projects by Gameverse:


JGN top #5 gainer on AVAX on March 25th:


JGN featured by CoinMarketCap on their A-Z of NFTs:

JGN as top #8 purchased tokens (by whales) on BNB Chain by BSC Daily:


JGN top #5 NFT project by Altrank by NFT Daily on April 22:


Updated Roadmap:

2022 is going to be a great year for JGN’s development! With the JGN Charity Expansion, the new LP pool, new events, and more:

Juggernaut (JGN) is unstoppable DeFi. JGN is a friendly and cohesive ecosystem, where all the components are user-first and easy to access.

Invested by Binance (BNB Chain Fund), SoftBank (UK), Goldman Sachs (CA), LD Capital, or AVAX Asian Fund (AVATAR) among others, JGN wants to expand its reach across the whole decentralized space.

With DAO, NFT, Games, and Charity components, leading global partners, and a powerful community, JGN continues to revolutionize the DeFi space with powerful innovations.

Join us in our new DeFi for Good Initiative, with exciting charity mechanisms, including staking, burning, DAO voting, lucky draws, and more!

Welcome to the ultimate and seamless suite of tools to empower anyone with unstoppable DeFi, DAO, Games, and powerful NFTs in one of the leading DeFi ecosystems.

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