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Juggernaut (JGN) January Monthly Recap and Updated Roadmap 🦁

Juggernaut has experienced an amazing growth since we started in 2020! We want to keep the community updated and provide the latest data points for JGN, social media stats, key events, and more!

We are working on a lot of different components and new initiatives, and we are really excited about 2022 and all the great things that lie ahead!

We also want to show an updated roadmap that better reflects how we think as a project, and what are we focusing on both on the long and short term.

The Month of January

January has been a month of ups and downs for crypto. The crypto market has lost recently over $1 trillion in market value since November 2021:

While that sounds shocking, we have been in the space for a while, and we know that the crypto market works in cycles, and is very volatile in the short term.

This transition period is the best moment to buidl, and prepare for the amazing upcoming opportunities for blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Let’s explore what we have been doing in the month of January at JGN!

Key Events

7.5m $JGN moved to AVAX: https://twitter.com/JGNDeFi/status/1477460474023321601?s=20&t=e9aqZwCZn-CtgbeOPXyfxg

JGN as official minting partner for Blind Boxes: https://medium.com/blind-boxes/blind-boxes-partners-with-juggernaut-defi-6ea235f05249

TraderJoe x JGN farming pool:

Mr Wizard (@Wizardara on Twitter) x JGN NFT Design Contest:

JGN AMA with TraderJoe:

JGN Listing on TransitSwap:

New compounding strategy for JGN on TraderJoe by Snowball:

Trading feature added to JuggyLAND: https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/trading-is-now-live-on-juggyland-5b389a209443

JuggyLAND lion attributes and features revealed: https://juggernautdefi.medium.com/juggyland-lion-attributes-get-your-army-ready-%EF%B8%8F-%EF%B8%8F-896bad56ac4b

Diamond JGN first vote!

Details: https://juggernautdefi.medium.com/1st-djgn-dao-vote-is-here-%EF%B8%8F-ae938c61aa9a

Voting link (results): https://snapshot.org/#/djgn.eth/proposal/0x0d7394185a98a0b2a92bf4d465f84c20438c09229bed5e382dd3d09e6e4bd246

JGN x BabySwap Farm, Snack Pool, and Trade Mining!

JGN AMA with BabySwap:

JGN Traction

Top #4 token on BSC by Altrank (by LunarCrush):

Source: https://twitter.com/bsc_daily/status/1479497558095380484?s=20&t=ioSzp_Kw4CCXaUUtd0BY2g

Top #10 NFT Marketplace with best social signal (by NFT daily):

Source: https://twitter.com/NFTDaily/status/1485960897365483520?s=20&t=ioSzp_Kw4CCXaUUtd0BY2g

JGN as #2 highest APR on double reward farms on TraderJoe:

JGN Token Data Analysis

The numbers and community support behind JGN have been amazing. Let’s explore our January numbers.

Here is a table of our BSC and ETH numbers in January:

Unique addresses:

  • ETH: 1,403
  • BSC: 52,739

Tx volumes (number of transactions)

  • ETH: 16,655
  • BSC: 504,457

Trading volume (January)

  • BSC: $844,600


  • ETH: $10,089,971 (+26.55%)
  • BSC: $4,324,273 (+26.55%)

Social Media Statistics

65k+ followers reached on Twitter!



Updated Juggernaut (JGN) Roadmap 2022

2022 is going to be a great year for JGN’s development! We are going to continue to work on JuggyLAND, plus new staking opportunities, community votes, Create-to-play, and exciting new expansions!

Looking into the future

We are excited about our progress so far and very passionate about exploring future opportunities in the DeFi + NFT + Metaverse ecosystem.

The support we have received has been incredible, and that’s why we think that sharing what we are working on and how the future of JGN is going to look like, is the way to go.

We are very excited and working hard to continue to bring the next evolution of DeFi + NFTs + Metaverse.

This is how our ecosystem is going to look like in the next six months: new DAO features on Diamond JGN, an improved BSC NFT Exchange, new NFT games, JuggyLAND with battling, breeding, and collecting components, new NFT usecases, exciting Juggernaut NFTs, and the expansion of JGN Metaverse.

Let’s go JGN! 🚀🦁

About Juggernaut (JGN)

JGN wants to achieve a cohesive intersection of DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse, into a fun and consumer-first experience.

The JGN ecosystem features a leading NFT Exchange (JuggerWORLD), a membership program with exclusive perks (Diamond JGN), GameFi offerings, and staking opportunities (JuggerSWAP), in a powerful DeFi + NFT Infrastructure.

The JuggyLAND Metaverse game brings an innovative market-first with Create-to-play: giving power back to players and the ecosystem. Experience a new level of connection and earn with the JGN User-Generated Metaverse.

Website | NFT Exchange | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Resources



Welcome to Create-to-play: giving the power back to the players. Decide the fate of The Metaverse, and change decentralized gaming with us.

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