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Juggernaut June Monthly Recap & Updated Roadmap 🔥🦁

Juggernaut has experienced amazing growth since we started the project last year. We want to keep you updated and provide the latest data for JGN, social media stats, and what we have done so far.

June has been a very wild month for cryptocurrencies. A lot of ups and downs through the whole month, but at Juggernaut we are pretty positive amazing things are coming our way!

Even after the market drop, JGN is in the top 3 of assets by ROI on Binance Smart Chain! (according to CryptoDep):

Source: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Dep/status/1410555209663848448

Juggernaut Traction (June 30th)

The numbers and community support behind JGN have been amazing. Let’s explore our progress.

Here is a table of our BSC and ETH progress so far:

Here are the metrics compared to our latest report /May 31st):

Unique addresses:

  • ETH: 1,352 (+1.96% since last month)
  • BSC: 7,625 (+20.06%)

Tx volumes (number of transactions)

  • ETH: 13,849 (+ 4.57%)
  • BSC: 216,610(+19.46%)

Trading volume (30 June)

  • ETH: $1,300,454 (-62.3%)
  • BSC: $325,113 (-82.5%)


  • ETH: $35,318,391 (-24.24%)
  • BSC: $15,136,453 (-24.24%)

JuggerWORLD NFT Exchange

  • 1403 unique wallets (+15.23%)

Exchange link: https://jgnnft.com/

Key Events

Juggernaut became an official creator partner for Binance NFT:

Binance x Token Club AMA for projects integrating into Binance NFT:

Second JGN x CAKE Syrup Pool:

New JGNNFT.com Creator Competition!

Don’t forget to participate! Over $5000 in prizes: https://form.jotform.com/211602847128049

Social Proof

Binance Smart Chain NFT Landscape by Coin98:

Source: https://twitter.com/Coin98Analytics/status/1407599129748938753

JGN Top 10 gainer of the week (June 19th) by CryptoRank:

Source: https://twitter.com/CryptoRank_io/status/1406252304811057152

JGN Top 10 gainer on June 19th by Altcoin Alerts:

Source: https://twitter.com/Altcoin_Alerts/status/1406254128691441665

JuggerWORLD Top 10 NFT dAPP (social signal) by NFT Daily:

Source: https://twitter.com/NFTDaily/status/1402118539717316608

Social Media Statistics



June Recap of Events

Juggernaut (JGN) Roadmap 2021

The DeFi and NFT space is moving incredibly fast, and we need to keep buidling to keep up with the flow.

At Juggernaut, we are always trying to innovate and bring new & exciting products into our ecosystem, as well as improving existing ones and at the end give the community what they are looking for.

Q3 & Q4:

  • High-end IP licensing for NFTs
  • NFT Yield Farming
  • JuggerWORLD v3: improved UI and UX
  • JuggerDRAW v5
  • JuggerSWAP DEX
  • BSC Staking
  • DAO with staking components
  • First Integrated NFT Platform Based on FileCoin Network [LINK]

Looking into the future

We are excited about our progress so far and very passionate about exploring future opportunities in the NFT and BSC ecosystems.

The support we have received has been incredible, and that’s why we think that sharing what we are working on and how the future of JGN is going to look like, is the way to go.

June has been a wild month for crypto, with a lots of ups and downs.

However we are very excited and working hard to continue to bring the next evolution of DeFi + NFTs

This is how our ecosystem is going to look like in the next six months: new DAO with staking components, an improved BSC NFT Exchange, a DEX with staking opportunities on BSC, new NFT games, an NFT Automated Market Maker, new NFT usecases and exciting IPs for Juggernaut’s NFTs.

Let’s go JGN! 🚀🦁

Juggernaut (JGN) is a complete custom DeFi suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem with full BSC compatibility.

We are creating the go-to BSC NFT Exchange. Open access, freedom of assets, and available for anyone, anywhere.

We are building an NFT infrastructure, games, collections, and our Exclusive BSC NFT Exchange. Juggernaut is building a unique ecosystem, full of exciting use cases, merging the possibilities of DeFi with NFTs.

Website | NFT Exchange | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Resources



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