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Juggernaut’s NFT Marketplace Launch: First Results & Big News!

The JGN NFT Marketplace launched today, 10th of November. We are thrillled to share that our GOD MODE cards have been sold out in under one hour!

This marks an incredible accomplishment for the Juggernaut team. We have been working really hard to bring everyone fresh and exciting NFTs, and the initial response has been incredible!

With only 5 cards, we knew Juggy Grail would be a hit, but we didn’t expect it to happen this quickly. It is a great first step towards the expansion of our NFT Marketplace.

Our first batch of NFTs, the Genesis Card Collection will be listed on OpenSea after our initial NFT Farming Offering.

Here is a breakdown of JGN’s Genesis collection’s rarity levels:

Oh, and some Big News:

JGN’s NFTs are now live on the OpenSea NFT Exchange! Congrats to those who were able to secure them so far.

Everyone can now buy and sell JGN’s NFTs here: https://opensea.io/assets/jgn-collection

Let your friends know about jXP farming, and receive rewards

jXP is Juggernaut’s Experience points. In simple terms, with jXP can you earn limited-edition NFT assets. You can stake JGN tokens to earn jXP daily, and change those jXP for cool and rare NFTs.

Users will be able to stake JGN to get jXP, and later purchase rare NFTs that can be exchanged or sold on marketplaces like Opensea.io.

If you want to learn how to stake jXP: https://medium.com/juggernaut-defi/how-to-stake-your-jxp-97df1befa8ce

If you want to stake jXP:

  1. Via liquidity mining pool → https://juggerswap.jgndefi.com/

2. Via our new staking system → https://nft.jgndefi.com/

How to stake jXP in video format:

Looking into the future

Our first collection is just the beginning of our NFT journey. All the cards will be listed on OpenSea following our first NFT Farming Offering

After that, we will go live with a collection of tools with different powers. Each tool will be NFT and limited as well. They will be mining accelerators. For example, if you get a “shovel”, you can get 10% extra jXP through mining.

More exclusive collections will be announced in the future. Together with new and upcoming artists we will explore the unique styles that can be created with NFTs and digital art.

Juggernaut is building a DEFI + NFT infrastructure. JGN is designed to make DeFi and NFTs simple and easy to use for any business use-case. The JGN mission is to help anyone that thinks of a business idea to add customized DeFi and NFTs into its components.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium for more updates on JGN!



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