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JuggyLAND Phases I and II Official Launch: Welcome to the JGN Metaverse! 🦁🔥🚀

We are very excited to announce the official launch of JuggyLAND v1, the new play-to-earn Metaverse game that lets players collect, breed, and battle young lions to earn JGN tokens!

The time has come. Welcome to JuggyLAND!

Official Links

Link to the game: https://metaverse.jgnnft.com

If you want to check all of our Metaverse plans, [click here].

Check out our JuggyLAND Playing Guide: https://juggernautdefi.medium.com/juggyland-phases-i-and-ii-playing-guide-%EF%B8%8F-7be09505ea32

Welcome to The JGN Metaverse NFT 2.0

JGN is opening the Metaverse + NFT 2.0 with a bang! ⭐️

JuggyLAND is the first step towards game interconnectivity, and the game will be greatly extended in the near futuree.

The JGN Meta Universe is still in its early stage of development, and it starts with the exclusive JuggyLAND game.

JuggyLAND is now open for everyone to play! The minting has been opened, with 7,200 initial lions!

JuggyLAND Exclusive Metaverse Game

The JGN Metaverse starts with JuggyLAND. JuggyLAND Metaverse brings an innovative market-first with Create-to-play: giving power back to players and the ecosystem.

This first version of JuggyLAND features collecting and breeding from the start (phases I and II together)!


Get your favourite Juggy lions, either claiming them from the mystical fountain, or buying them in the open market.

Each Juggy is exclusive, with unique characteristics!

Every lion card has a specific set of traits, that are very important for the upcoming battling system. Also, every Juggy lion is part of one of the three factions in the kingdom: magic, tech, or zombie.

The initial generation of lion have differences in the eyes, mouth, hair color, background, and gender. More attributes will be unlocked gradually!

Explore and collect the most powerful cards and prepare yourself for the battle!


Players are able to breed their little lions to create strong characters with unique features. In each breeding, the characteristics of the father and mother get mixed to create a new little Juggy.

This is a quick guide on how to breed:

  1. There’s a pool of male lions to breed.
  2. You can either provide a male lion to the pool, setting up a price, or
  3. Select a male lion and provide the female.
  4. Once the male and female lion are selected, you’ll need to use your crypto wallet to sign and finalize the transactions.

For a more in-depth look, check out our official Playing Guide here: [LINK]

About GameFi

After the May peak, the overall NFT market has changed. Crypto supporters have realized that NFTs made a lot of sense in gaming environments, especially those with unique properties and usecases.

And it makes sense: NFTs that you can use in games, or inside different protocols. They give access to a new world that we are very excited to explore.

GameFi is the intersection between blockchain-based games and finance, creating new opportunities for gamers, and also allowing game developers to be innovative in their new creations, thanks to the blockchain technology.

Also called Play-to-earn, GameFi is about having financial incentives in games, apart from the experience itself.

Why GameFi?

JGN’s vision has always been to help everyone participate in the DeFi revolution. Juggernaut was born to give simple and fun access to new and interesting asset classes & innovations.

Because we already have a DeFi + NFT infrastructure, and our vision is to provide DeFi access to everyone, everywhere, GameFi offers us a new innovation path, where we can build exciting stuff!

For example, we have one of the top DeFi + NFT exchange on BSC, JGNNFT.com, exclusive IPs, our Diamond JGN Membership program, and we have previous experience building blockchain games!

It makes sense for us to explore something that will allow us to continue doing what we are doing, but better, with more incentives, and easier to access, because GameFi is fun 🚀

Thanks to our existing DeFi + NFT infrastructure, it is a natural extension to enter the GameFi sector!

The Future of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is about expanding the reach of a single game, and connecting (or even hyperconnecting) NFTs with games, or with other NFTs, creating a new digital world composed of mini ecosystems.

But so far, what we have seen with the Metaverse is that games are isolated, and NFTs exist in a bubble.

Even then, we have seen massive NFT games, such as Axie Infinity, growth exponentially thanks to bringing new users in the ecosystem, and capitalizing into the Metaverse expansion.

Axie Infinity currently has 2.3m Daily Active Users, an increase of almost 6,000% since April of this year, with a projected revenue of $2.7 billion.

AXS price performance since May

The interest in Metaverse gaming is definitely there. However, if we want to realize the whole potential of the Metaverse, we need to bring the “meta” into it, connecting different games and NFTs.

JGN Metaverse Surprise Preview!

The JGN Metaverse is a combination of Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, and DAO!

The JGN Meta Universe is still in its early stage of development, and every major innovation has its first step: JuggyLAND.

Juggernaut will enter the Metaverse field with GameFi, and is determined to expand the NFT+DeFi+Metaverse+DAO ecosystem across the entire crypto industry!

Let’s have a little look at how big the JGN Metaverse is really going to be:

  • Play-to-earn: lion trading, battle (battle to win rewards, betting to win rewards), participate in mini-games (create things in the game, and much more).
  • DeFi: secondary tokens (powered by JGN Metaverse), staking (secondary tokens + little lion’s in-game rewards).
  • DAO: user participation in creation, rule-making, construction of game guilds, governance model, regional game team leader…
  • Hyper-connection: realize the hyper-connection between games, chains, and platforms (cross-game and cross-chain battles, various platform guilds, and much more coming).

Advantages of The JGN Metaverse

  • Originality: JGN is determined to create a new Metaverse + NFT 2.0 game template, to open the era of blockchain game innovation. A lot of new updates have been made in various aspects of JuggyLAND such as combat mode, economic model, deflationary mechanism, ecsoystem interconnectivity. In the future, the JGN Metaverse will create a brand-new game template so other projects can replicate our game model.
  • Forward-looking: JuggyLAND is not just a simple game. Through intense research, we have found that games can be used as a medium to link different ecosystems in the blockchain. JGN will use this new game system to realize the full ecosystem connection of Metaverse + DeFi + NFT + DAO (MDND), and will quickly expand its efforts to achieve JGN’s ultimate goal and lead the new development direction of the blockchain Metaverse.
  • Security: every component launch of JGN will pass several rounds of testing to ensure safety and good operational performance. We always conduct strong security audits to ensure that the game and other Metaverse components are truly safe and reliable.
  • Create-to-earn: JGN Metaverse creates a new paradigm of Create-to-play, which truly connects users with the game, becoming ecosystem co-creators and forming new communities based on interests. A new paradigm of spontanous innovation centered on creators and driven by communities. Users participate in value creation to build the Metaverse of their dreams.
  • Robustness: complete infrastructure, high security, strong community & user support, investment support from large investment institutions such as Goldman Sachs (CA), AUstralian SFIP Fund, Binance (seed round), SoftBank (UK), AVAX Asian Fund (AVATAR), Lianshan Capital, Nova Club, LD Capital, K24 Ventures, Consensus Lab, and many more important international investment firms.
  • DeFi + NFT Infrastructure: JGN has a complete DeFi + NFT infrastructure, with a leading BSC NFT exchange (JuggerWORLD), a DAO governance model (Diamond JGN), a GameFi lottery-like game (JuggerDRAW), and staking pools (JuggerSWAP), in a complete infrastructure.

JGN’s DAO governance will keep expanding and become more complete, with a game guild governance model, with regional captains (supporters). JGN’s goal is to build a complete and systematic DAO governance model to allow players to experience the true potential of the Metaverse.

The Future of The JGN Metaverse

Are Metaverse games really bringing the experience they promised?

For JGN, the real potential about the Metaverse is about a digital world across the whole decentralized space, so we are working on Metaverse 2.0, creating new experiences to do things, and delivering a new involvement level: become part of the process, and create the Metaverse of your dreams!

Introducing Create-to-play: truly connect with the new JGN user-generated Metaverse.

With JGN, players get to experience the real potential of the Metaverse:

  • User-generated: the players will decide and create the fate of the Metaverse.
  • Open: anyone can play. Hyper-connecting projects, NFTs, and chains.
  • Scalable: huge potential for growth, as the JGN Metaverse is user-generated.

Juggernaut (JGN) is leading the way to Metaverse NFT 2.0, where the player is in control of the game, and is allowed to experience it in his own way.

About Juggernaut (JGN)

JGN wants to achieve a cohesive intersection of DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse, into a fun and consumer-grade experience, leading the way to Metaverse NFT 2.0.

Welcome to create-to-play: users engage in the value creation economy to build the Metaverse of their dreams.

The JGN ecosystem features a leading NFT Exchange (JuggerWORLD), a membership program with exclusive perks (Diamond JGN), GameFi offerings, and staking opportunities (JuggerSWAP), in a powerful DeFi + NFT Infrastructure.

The JuggyLAND Metaverse game brings an innovative market-first with Create-to-play: giving power back to players and the ecosystem. Experience a new level of connection and earn with the JGN User-Generated Metaverse.

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Welcome to Create-to-play: giving the power back to the players. Decide the fate of The Metaverse, and change decentralized gaming with us.

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