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Opensea Now Supports JGN as Payment Token!

We are excited to announce that OpenSea now supports JGN as one of the payment tokens in their marketplace.

Recently, our Genesis Cards Collection, our first batch of NFTs, got listed on OpenSea.

Those were excitingnews, as it solidified Juggernaut’s NFTs as cool and unique collectibles, and now our token, JGN, has been recognized as an ERC-20 method of payment on OpenSea!

Our official verified store: https://opensea.io/collection/jgn-collection

It means that all store owners can now set up JGN as one of their supported currencies to buy and sell on OpenSea.

We welcome all the store owners to add JGN as one of their payment methods, as we are an upcoming and exciting DeFi+ NFT project with a lot of growth potential.

Every store can use JGN to buy and sell on OpenSea, but the store has to support it first, and then the users can use it.

For example, our Juggernaut Collection now supports four different currencies, such as JGN or ETH:

We are very proud that the majority of the NFTs in our JGN NFT Collections store is listing in JGN!

It means our community supports what we are doing by trusting our token JGN. Our Genesis Cards Collection has received incredible interest so far.

Soon, we will launch a collection of tools (they will be NFT and limited) with different powers on NFT Farming, and we will partner with upcoming NFT artists around the world to help them launch online galleries on our platform.

We want to continue rewarding our early supporters, and bringing new and exciting NFTs for everyone to buy, mint, and sell.

Juggernaut is building a DEFI + NFT infrastructure. JGN is making DeFi and NFTs simple and easy to use for any business use-case. The JGN mission is to help anyone that thinks of a business idea to add customized DeFi and NFTs into its components.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium for more updates on JGN!




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