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Product Vision by One Page Elevator Pitch Canvas

You must have heard “Elevator Pitch”. Image if you were a CEO, sales, or product managers, sometimes you would have to summarize your products, services, or ideas to other people in just a short time. How might we make a concise presentation to sell our ideas?

Let’s go !

Referenced from Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore, where it was introduced as an elevator pitch template, and the common product vision template. Finally, I decide to adjust the template a little. In the Geoffrey Moore’s version, it mentioned the competitor or alternative in two fields. I prefer to mention more about what the needs and pain points are for the target customers. In addition, for the good visualization effect, I compose all factors in one page together.

Here is the Product Vision by One Page Elevator Pitch Canvas, This canvas is worth a thousand words. Let’s show it.

Product Vision by One Page Elevator Pitch Canvas

Just use this canvas to demonstrate the “Product Vision by One Page Elevator Pitch Canvas” 🤣 🤣 🤣

True Example

3 Key Points

  • Who is your target customers and what’s their needs and pain points
  • What could we provide to attract them to buy
  • Why me? What’s the key differentiation from alternatives

Hopefully this canvas could help you to sell your idea successfully. 😁




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