JUG Thüringen interview in the famous magazine Java Aktuell Issue 03/2017

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We could land our first 2 full pages long interview about the Java User Group Thüringen with the chief editor of the famous german magazine Java Aktuell in Issue 03/2017 that is published by the iJUG association in which most german-speaking Java User Groups are organized.

Java Magazine Cover of Issue 03/2017 with our interview and one way of how to deal with it properly ;-)

One of our youngest JUG visitors and of course an Java enthusiast has drawn a cool version of our duke, the famous Java mascot, using the magazine with the interview as a desk pad at one of our recent events. That’s another way to deal with all those nifty words. Anyhow, you can read them here now.

Interview in Java aktuell Issue 03 / 2017